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Friday, 30 May 2014

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 launched with a giant screen!

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in Android at  5/30/2014

The FCC has recently approved the newly launched device, "Samsung Galaxy Mega" or "Samsung Galaxy Mega 2". The phone contains massive great features and the screen. It seems to be the GODZILLA of all smartphones.

This latest invention has a screen size of 7 inches, approximately. This phone has said to be the largest android smartphone.

The Android Central said that AT&T will be the one, under whom Mega 2 contracts.

Meanwhile, The original cost of this invention could not be made available for the public.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Google deals Motorola with Lenovo

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in news at  1/31/2014
The Lenovo company has paid $2.91bn for Motorola

It is a surprising news, that Google Company has now sold the struggling U.S based mobile company Motorola to the rising ruler of the Android Market, Lenovo. The Google had bought Motorola since less than two years ago.

The Lenovo strategy is to build up it's smartphone technology by the help of unit of Motorola.

In a recent statement, Google said that The market of smartphone was now on high competition to deal and the Lenovo could be served Motorola better than us

This deal is to set the Lenovo into the top third rankings of the smartphones emperors and to settle third position after SAMSUNG and APPLE in the market.

As we know, The Lenovo company is also the third-largest personal computer maker company.
It is also a third-largest consumer of personal computers maker!

Affects on other's!

Yeah! Surely, it would Probably give an alarming situation to the well android rulers, Samsung and Apple. They will try to emphasize their current situation and to safe their position.

What will happen ? (Conclusion)

Now, After this revolution in the market, there could be a terrific clashes among the ANDROID PHONE builders. Because, all the companies try to enhance their gadgets and to focus on their current mistakes and difficulties

Saturday, 11 January 2014

CPU-Z on Android: Get full information of your Android

by Salman Khan  |  in reviews at  1/11/2014
Want to get full information about your android device? There is a free app i.e CPU-Z which does the task well. After getting popularity on PC/Windows now this free app is on android which gives a lot information about your android.

This app include information about:
• SoC ( System On Chip ), CPU architecture, name, speed and etc.
• System Information: Hardware, Display, Manufacture, Software and much more related to System.
• Battery Information, Health, Temperature and etc.
• Sensors: Gravity, Proximity, Light sensor, Temp and all others.

This app requires android version 2.2 and above versions.
The best thing is that this is a freeware app you can redistribute it :)

Some Screenshots (from my mobile):

SOC displaying the tree structure view or interface of the app, 
The interface showing the capable options of the Android Device, which are as follows
  • CPU ARCHITECTURE (used to identify the CPU name)
  • Cores (Processor quantity)
  • Revision
  • Clock Speed (The speed of the displaying clock on the right-top of the screenshot)
  • Core 0 (Core 0 displaying the speed of processor)
  • CPU Load  (Load taken currently by the CPU)
  • GPU Vendor ( Graphics processing unit designer)
  • GPU Renderer (GPU installer)
System, displaying the information, which as follows:
The main options selected from the system tab are only three:
  • Model (which type of android mobile do you have ?)
  • Manufacture (Company)
  • Board (MotherBoard)

Screenshots Gallery: (Maximize the Screenshot to watch clearly)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Sleep as Android - Alarm sleep tracker

by Minhaj Uddin  |  in Android at  12/26/2013
Sleep as Android - screenshot thumbnail
One of the greatest and compatible app for Alarm Tracking, I've found recently. This app is called "Sleep as Android" powered by the team of Urbandroid. This app is Alarm Clock with sleep cycle tracker providing a proper morning wake in a gentle manner.
  • Features
A lot a features available in this app some of the main features listed below:
  1. It provides your sleep statistics in a graphical manner
  2. On the behalf of Social Network Sharing, It also come up with Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Alarm Tone's such as chirping of birds, waves of sea, etc.
  4. Also, select alarm tone from your Music playlist
  5. Captcha for the alarming wake-up available
More information -

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dope of Android 4.4 KitKat has applied on Motorola

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in news at  12/22/2013

The KitKat 4.4 (Android) is now bends towards Motorola. The cheapest smartphone is rolling out the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat.

That's why the new configuration include improve active display, touchless control with the feature of enhancing.
The Camera is about charm, the Camera features of the Moto X includes manual exposure capabilities,
Tag to focus and exposure lock for panoramic shots also available and more.

This phone is less expensive than Moto X, and trying to build his rule over category of cheap smartphone.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Crack Android Pattern Lock !!!

by Salman Khan  |  in Tutorials at  12/13/2013
Disclaimer: This is not for hacking purpose, you shall not use this on other phones without permission under any circumstances.
Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser. If you are stuck on the pattern lock on your Android Device, don't worry there's a solution for this problem. For doing this you must have Android USB debugging enabled on your phone or CWM (ClockWork Mod Recovery).
You will also need Adb. This can be downloaded here. Adb can be found in the Platform tools folder.
Now put these Commands in the adb while your device is connected to the computer.

Method 1
The Commands are:
adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';


Method 2
The Command is:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

You can try both of them,here is how i managed to remove the lock: 
1. Run the first method.  
2. Reboot 
3. Run the second method 
4. Reboot

• In the first method each line is a separate command so click enter after typing each line.
• In the second method type all the command and then press enter.
• After running both methods and rebooting you may see the pattern lock,that doesn't necessarily     mean it doesn't work,just try any random pattern and it may unlock then remove the pattern from settings.
• This may and may not work,it may work on some devices and don't on others,so all you can do is trying it but i can't assure it will work.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Get Root on your HTC Device

by Salman Khan  |  in Android at  12/08/2013

HTC Explorer is one of the powerful but little old device of HTC Corporation, But once you have rooted it becomes more powerful. Therefore, I decided to create a clean tutorial (as the method started with several bugs and issues) for those who want to root their HTC Explorer.

will be editing it as new improvements appear.
btw, this will NOT change anything in your phone, it just make root access possible.

1. Install HTC Sync on your PC

you can easily grab HTC Sync from :
(needed so computer recognizes commands)

2. Unlock your phone's boot-loader

Following the steps in
Note: HTC Explorer isn´t listed as a working device yet but it has been tested and works perfectly. Choose "all other supported models" when selecting device.

3. Add a recovery

That will allow you to install .zip ROMs. You can access to it in the menu android phones have when booting the phone after removing-inserting the battery and pressing "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously. (Other phones have different button combinations).
* Download A310E
* Extract it in any window on your PC (ie: C:\HTC)
* Run the recovery.bat with phone in fastboot mode (first option in the "3 android menu" ) and connected with usb.
Done! You got the recovery installed if no errors, you can now install any compatible .zip ROM or app.

4. ROOT the device

 * Place this file somewhere in the microSD first.
 * Go into Recovery mode ("volume down" + "power")
 * Install with the option "install .zip from sd" from the recovery menu.


Note: after rooting dont restore to factory setting if you don´t want to end up in a bootloop, if this or similar happens you have to install a custom rom to fix it.  

Now, It's your turn,

What are your views about this article ?
Speak, Freely! Every comment would be appreciated!

DSLR Effects Pictures on your Android

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in Tutorials at  12/08/2013

DSLR, But Too Expensive 

DSLR has it's own charm, but this expensive price occupant made the people's disappoint, because a DSLR Camera is too high expensive. But don't be frustrated, Android also offers those apps, which consist of Android Picture Effects, that could made your picture look like DSLR one. These apps are great opportunity to apply the DSLR effects on a simple captured photo instead of buying a DSLR Camera.

But listen, it wouldn't provide you total time DSLR Picture, It could made the picture look like DSLR Pictures not completely. because, if it could, the DSLR company's CEO's will have to live in SLUMS :p.

Grab the apps from Google Play Store 

Google Play Store is called the center of Android Applications, where you can easily download your favorite Android apps.

You can easily get The DSLR Effect Android Apps on Google Play Store or by searching on GOOGLE.COM.

But Listen, which are those one ?

There are several apps of DSLR Effects for Android, but someone have the privacy of purchasing and someone can grab freely.

but we are talking, how can you grab it free comfortably...

  • INSTAGRAM (You Can share or apply effects on pictures)
The best the one, it is one of the best apps of DSLR Effects or Filters Picture and their sharing.The app consist of 17 splendid effects listed below:

  • Amaro
  • Hefe
  • Valencia
  • Rise
  • Hudson 
  • X-Pro II
  • Caramel
  • Early Bird
  • Sutro
  • Toaster
  • Brannan
  • Inkwell
  • Walden
  • Nashville 
  • 1977
  • Kelvin

These are the powerful DSLR effects and filters under the rule of Instagram. This can convert your simple and non-effect picture into a Well-Classy DSLR effect picture.

  • After Focus 

It can bring DSLR like photography on your Android Device. The After Focus, is the second choice to convert your picture into DSLR Picture. This app is also a wonderful app, this is quietly brilliant. Along Instagram, The After Focus is in the versus situation with Instagram, due to it's high quality features. 

The After Focus isn't have enough effects as compare to Instagram. However, it can recognize for it's different and advanced features. 

It would provide you to draw pictures, art, blurring-photos from background, aperture setting choice, the bokeh also enabled here. These features will definitely increase the position of the app.

The Interface features listed below:
  • Focus
  • Mid
  • BG (Background)
  • Eraser Tools also exist
  • Zoom , Zoom in or Out both faculty available
  • And the Help option
This is divided into two versions, you can grab this in Pro and in FREE Versions from Google Play Store or by searching on Google Search Engine.

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