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Friday, 31 January 2014

Google deals Motorola with Lenovo

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in news at  1/31/2014

The Lenovo company has paid $2.91bn for Motorola

It is a surprising news, that Google Company has now sold the struggling U.S based mobile company Motorola to the rising ruler of the Android Market, Lenovo. The Google had bought Motorola since less than two years ago.

The Lenovo strategy is to build up it's smartphone technology by the help of unit of Motorola.

In a recent statement, Google said that The market of smartphone was now on high competition to deal and the Lenovo could be served Motorola better than us

This deal is to set the Lenovo into the top third rankings of the smartphones emperors and to settle third position after SAMSUNG and APPLE in the market.

As we know, The Lenovo company is also the third-largest personal computer maker company.
It is also a third-largest consumer of personal computers maker!

Affects on other's!

Yeah! Surely, it would Probably give an alarming situation to the well android rulers, Samsung and Apple. They will try to emphasize their current situation and to safe their position.

What will happen ? (Conclusion)

Now, After this revolution in the market, there could be a terrific clashes among the ANDROID PHONE builders. Because, all the companies try to enhance their gadgets and to focus on their current mistakes and difficulties


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