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Monday, 11 August 2014

'Selfie' phone is about to come by Microsoft

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in Technology at  8/11/2014

A lots of new excellent devices are about to be appeared in an event will be held in Berlin. On Sept 4, Microsoft aims to release a peculiar but fascinating phone,which is not known and not even introduced by any company yet. The 'Selfie' phone will be the name of the newly recruit device.

The company will launch Nokia Lumia 730. It is rumored that the device has good front and rare camera, which is enough to snap selfiee's. 

The event invite says, "Join us for more face times".

The event will be held in EFA 4th of September. Samsung also aims participate to reveal it's Galaxy Note 4 at same event on Sept 3.

This stupendous device is likely to be built by Windows 8.1 Operating System.


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