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Sunday, 8 December 2013

DSLR Effects Pictures on your Android

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in Tutorials at  12/08/2013

DSLR, But Too Expensive 

DSLR has it's own charm, but this expensive price occupant made the people's disappoint, because a DSLR Camera is too high expensive. But don't be frustrated, Android also offers those apps, which consist of Android Picture Effects, that could made your picture look like DSLR one. These apps are great opportunity to apply the DSLR effects on a simple captured photo instead of buying a DSLR Camera.

But listen, it wouldn't provide you total time DSLR Picture, It could made the picture look like DSLR Pictures not completely. because, if it could, the DSLR company's CEO's will have to live in SLUMS :p.

Grab the apps from Google Play Store 

Google Play Store is called the center of Android Applications, where you can easily download your favorite Android apps.

You can easily get The DSLR Effect Android Apps on Google Play Store or by searching on GOOGLE.COM.

But Listen, which are those one ?

There are several apps of DSLR Effects for Android, but someone have the privacy of purchasing and someone can grab freely.

but we are talking, how can you grab it free comfortably...

  • INSTAGRAM (You Can share or apply effects on pictures)
The best the one, it is one of the best apps of DSLR Effects or Filters Picture and their sharing.The app consist of 17 splendid effects listed below:

  • Amaro
  • Hefe
  • Valencia
  • Rise
  • Hudson 
  • X-Pro II
  • Caramel
  • Early Bird
  • Sutro
  • Toaster
  • Brannan
  • Inkwell
  • Walden
  • Nashville 
  • 1977
  • Kelvin

These are the powerful DSLR effects and filters under the rule of Instagram. This can convert your simple and non-effect picture into a Well-Classy DSLR effect picture.

  • After Focus 

It can bring DSLR like photography on your Android Device. The After Focus, is the second choice to convert your picture into DSLR Picture. This app is also a wonderful app, this is quietly brilliant. Along Instagram, The After Focus is in the versus situation with Instagram, due to it's high quality features. 

The After Focus isn't have enough effects as compare to Instagram. However, it can recognize for it's different and advanced features. 

It would provide you to draw pictures, art, blurring-photos from background, aperture setting choice, the bokeh also enabled here. These features will definitely increase the position of the app.

The Interface features listed below:
  • Focus
  • Mid
  • BG (Background)
  • Eraser Tools also exist
  • Zoom , Zoom in or Out both faculty available
  • And the Help option
This is divided into two versions, you can grab this in Pro and in FREE Versions from Google Play Store or by searching on Google Search Engine.


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