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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Sleep as Android - Alarm sleep tracker

by Minhaj Uddin  |  in Android at  12/26/2013

Sleep as Android - screenshot thumbnail
One of the greatest and compatible app for Alarm Tracking, I've found recently. This app is called "Sleep as Android" powered by the team of Urbandroid. This app is Alarm Clock with sleep cycle tracker providing a proper morning wake in a gentle manner.
  • Features
A lot a features available in this app some of the main features listed below:
  1. It provides your sleep statistics in a graphical manner
  2. On the behalf of Social Network Sharing, It also come up with Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Alarm Tone's such as chirping of birds, waves of sea, etc.
  4. Also, select alarm tone from your Music playlist
  5. Captcha for the alarming wake-up available
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