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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Web Page Bookmark in Google Chrome ?

by Minhaj Uddin  |  in Tutorials at  1/02/2014

The old interface of Google! :P Just place this to thumbnail the post

Google Chrome is a perfect browser for the instant reach to the web page. Google chrome provides a lot of options and considerable tools as well as extensions and themes. It offers to apply plenty of pretty beautiful themes to change the interface of your browser.

Well, We are talking about How to bookmark web page in Google Chrome.

Bookmarking is a best option to shortcut a information also you can say a web page. Book marking allows the users to tab the important data, which they've received from Internet.

Google Chrome enables book-mark option in a simple way, that's why It could be a point that Google Chrome prefer top priority in Internet World of browsers.

Steps to Book Mark a Web Page in Google Chrome

  • Open the browser (Google Chrome)
  • Then, open your informative website, which you've to bookmark for your self.
  • On the Web-Address Location of the browser (URL bar), there is a transparent STAR on the right.
  • Click on the Star, and then the star will be active with representing the yellow color. 

Okay! This has all done, The star goes yellow and you've considerably book-mark your page. 

What to do when to reach the saved bookmark ?

Aha! Don't be worry to view your bookmark page. 
After opening your browser, you'll get the bookmarks below the Web Address bar.

UN-Bookmarking Web Page How ?

To un-bookmark your web page or to disable the specific bookmark on a particular page. You'll have to click on the BOOKMARK STAR, which is placed inside the browser after the Web Address Bar. 

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