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Monday, 30 December 2013

110-inch TV by Samsung with the cost of $150,000

by Minhaj Uddin  |  in news at  12/30/2013

The Samsung Company, has recently unconditionally and seriously launched a mega electronic device, TV.

What the TeleVision? :p, I'm sure you might feel weird, but read the more below
This is not a TV, This is the one of the biggest one in 21st century, The TV exist 110 inch screen. The resolution is 3840 x 2160. This mega revolution is also renown as a Bed Size Television.

Samsung says it is roughly as large as a king's size bed.

The price is confirm with Associated price roughly, $152,000, means 16,11,2000 -/Rs in Pakistan

Samsung has also launched 85-inch 4k TV for about $40,000

There is something being not bigger, Panasonic also sells a 152-inch TV for a half million dollars.

The TV is only available in South Korea, but the Samsung company wishes to promote and sell this mega device in Middle-East, Europe and Asia, Sorry for the U.S Launch, Samsung doesn't mention.

Source:  Tech Land Time


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