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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Expected Gadgets and Technologies of 2014

by Salman Khan  |  in Technology at  1/16/2014
The new year 2014 will have a great change in the world of Technology. New gadgets will reveal in this year and older one's will be replaced with new and improved Technology. Lets take a look on what is going to be the next big things in Technology this year.

• Google Glass

  Google Glass is going to release publicly in this year. This Glass allow you to interact with the world in a totally different way. It allows you to capture pictures & videos with simple voice commands. It connects you to your social networks in an easy way. It has much more features like translating, navigation etc.

• Smart Watches

 Like the Galaxy Gear, more innovative mobile-linked wrist pieces will release . At 2014 Mobile World Congress expo, there were a number of Smart Watches you can see by different companies. Smart Watches are mostly running on Android OS and it becomes so easy to operate them. It is expected that apple may also launch a gadget like these Smart Watches.

• Wearable Technology

Like the Smarty Ring, this year wearable concept of Technology will increase. We may see some devices that will measure our body movements like how much we have walked or exercised. Therefore it will help in our physical fitness.

• Things of internet

This means that electric appliances in our homes talking to each other.
It means of a world where washing machines, fridges, and ovens and other electric appliances connect to the internet and can be controlled via mobile phones or tablets . This type of technology is very much expected in the new year.

• iPhone 6

The next yearly update for Apple's product will be crucial. As all the versions of Iphone are unique, iPhone 6 will have something new. With the 5S bridging the gap with its fingerprint reader, it will take a huge jump in technology and design for the iPhone 6 to really garner positive headlines and satisfy investors.

• Electric Cars

From the Nissan LEAF to the BMW i3, 2013 started to bring electric cars more to the middle of the road. In 2014 more advanced Electric Cars will be introduced.As well as helping the environment, they keep the cost of driving low with no need for petrol or diesel.
All you do is plug them in overnight and off you go in the morning.
Of course, you have a limited range but they're great for local and short hopper journeys.

• Gaming Experience

As the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 begin to take hold in our living rooms, all eyes will be on new gaming experiences being created for them.
Gaming will become powerful and Graphics will be much better. 3D games will keep improving as they were before.

• Large TVs

TV has been improving from a long time. Now today we are using Large LED TVs which have extremely good graphics. Now imagine taking that up a few notches further and moving from HD to Ultra HD or 4K. In 2014 we are going to see huge TVs with Ultra HD Graphics.


Technology has been improving from year to year but in this year we will be watching a massive revolution in the world of technology. If you want more updates regarding technologies then keep visiting Mizopedia. Your comments will be appreciated.

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Era of Social Networking, Talking about the benefits and drawbacks of Social Networking

by Muhammad Minhaj Uddin  |  in featured at  12/09/2013

What is a Social Network ?

The phrase SOCIAL NETWORK refers to a social structure made up of a set of individuals or organizations. It develops friendly ties among people. Through Social Networking, a man, a group, a party, an organization or an institution can introduce itself and get propagated. The best feature of SOCIAL NETWORKING is that it exposes it's members to people all over the globe. It confirms the fact that religious differences among people.

Basically SOCIAL NETWORK seems to work on sociological grounds. It functions for human well being by interaction of people from different areas, cities and countries. Man is always in need of social relation and communication. THE MODEM OF SOCIAL NETWORK is bond that unities the people of the world at a single platform, either FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ORKUT, LinkedIn, & SKYPE.

LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn is a network specifically working for business and professional executives.
+Jeff Weiner

Orkut ?

ORKUT is a network which open to all. Because of it's secrecy issue, the participants refrain from using it.
+Orkut Buyukkokten 

Facebook ?

Facebook is the most popular network among-st all It is open to everyone but with certain precautions. Besides it's various attractive aspects, It allows voice chatting and video chatting. ORKUT's lack of secrecy has added to the popularity of FACEBOOK.

+Mark Zuckerberg 

Skype ? 

 Skype is a network based on Video chat. This medium is very popular for it's faculty of VIDEO conference.

+Janus Friis and +Niklas Ramström

The above mentioned groups of social networking are the cheapest modes of advertisement also. These help in business sector for publishing various informative stuff. Public awareness is also nurtured through videos and other articles easily.

SOCIAL NETWORK develop friendly ties between two people or among so many. It develops familiarity, affection and love is some cases it leads to the bond of marriage.

People acquire awareness in a many matters like education, science, business and politics.

Apart from various advantages, the social networking has many negative impacts. The young generation spends much more time on it rather than on their studies. In the sub-continent, according to survey report, the young people consume five hours a day on face book. Fake accounts are also worst part of it.

In Pakistan, Where the roots of education are very weak, +Social Net are causing damages beyond repair. Young Generation has boundless interest on Facebook. A thumping majority of students remains forgetful of their education and curriculum. On the other hand, it gives a terrible blow to their morality.

It can summed up that SOCIAL NETWORK is a great scientific breakthrough of the modern science.

It is useful in so many ways. But some precautions are essential to be taken. It's use has to be restricted above twenty years. In Pakistan, where the state of education is not up to the mark, the students are apprehended to be spoilt. Moreover, whatever the novelties are coming to limelight, their positive aspects have always to be considered.

Now, It's your turn,

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